Project Update

Last week was a busy one. I got so busy at the office and around the house that I didn’t even get a chance to add anything new to the blog. Is it just me or is time flying? June is just around the corner. If I’m being honest, we haven’t accomplished nearly as much as I’d like. We are currently working on several projects, and I thought I share some of them below.

Our biggest project right now is landscaping our front yard. Pike Nurseries recently developed a design plan for us, and we are now slowly implementing it. If you missed the plan, click here. We divided the plan into sections, and we are focusing on everything to the right of our porch first. We started by removing some existing shrubs and plants. I’ve got to relocate the peonies this week. We also had to excavate for an entirely new bed, which will include a path (where the grass still is). There is nothing fun about removing grass and clay on a humid afternoon in Georgia! We’re hoping to have this entire section done by the end of next weekend.


A month or so ago, I mentioned that I had commissioned a painting. The painting features a beautiful and isolated church on Maui. It’s my grandfather’s final resting place, and it holds a special place in my heart. This painting is part of a gallery wall I am curating for our living room. This odd wall in our living room will now be a beautiful feature.


We recently installed a new smart thermostat. We went with ecobee, because they were the first to promote room sensors. This thermostat features a larger display too. I won’t go into details right now. Be sure to check back soon for a complete post. I’ve got to purchase some paint this week for touch ups around the thermostat.


I’ve also been researching some possible chandeliers to replace the existing one in our dining room. I want something that compliments any style. My favorite one so far is at Pottery Barn.

Linen Drum Pendant

Lastly, I bought my very first new car over the weekend. I love my new hybrid! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @lifeonharmony for project details, behind the scenes, and more. Happy Monday!



Landscape Design by Pike Nurseries

Happy Thursday! We are really enjoying the sunshine here…the heat not so much. It’s supposed to be in the nineties this weekend.  Now that it’s warmer, we can focus our attention on our yard. We recently had Pike Nurseries come out to assist us with the design. We received the design today, and I am so excited! This design is going to transform our front yard from ‘okay’ to ‘stunning’.


The design includes roses, a variety of shrubs, hydrangeas, azaleas, and more. Many elements from our existing layout are staying. We are adding a few new elements, noted below.

  • We’re adding more curves. Our sidewalk has always irked me, because it’s so straight. Curves are easier on the eyes.
  • We’re adding a trellis full of jasmine in front of our raised front porch. I thought that idea was genius!
Image result for trellis of jasmine
Photo | Trellis Works
  • The bed in front of the sidewalk is entirely new and will add much needed curb appeal.
  • We’re adding a path between the multiple beds on the right.
Image result for popcorn drift rose
Photo | Drift Roses

Now that you’ve seen the plan, I want to take moment to praise the experience. As owners of a fixer upper, we’ve dealt with a variety of professionals inside and out of our home. This was one of the most pleasant and easy experiences.  After submitting an online inquiry, we were contacted within 24 hours to schedule an appointment. We were sent several reminders and confirmations. The gentleman we worked with was prompt, knowledgeable, and detailed. We discussed a variety of options, and he asked for our input throughout the process. Less than a week after our appointment, we received the drawing and a quote for plants/installation. We are opting to do this ourselves due to cost. For those concerned about the cost of obtaining a design, we spent $300 total. That amount included a fee for being outside of the perimeter. The cost will vary depending on how long your appointment takes. Now we a cohesive design that we can implement at our own pace. Money well spent if you ask me!

Be sure to check back over the next several months, because I’ll be sharing photos as we complete each section. I can’t wait to get started!


Paver Path

Ryan and I installed a small paver path between two existing flowerbeds on Saturday. We decided to give the Brock PaverBase system a try, and it was a fairly simple process. You can visit their site, click here, for all of the details. I’ve included the basic steps below, as well as photos/illustrations.

Prepare the Site

You’ll need to excavate the area and determine the correct depth. Based on the depth of our pavers, we had to dig deeper than the recommended inch.


Level & Compact the Soil 

Photo | Brock PaverBase

Install Landscaping Fabric

We didn’t actually complete this step, because that section of yard is rocky. Grass didn’t really grow there to begin with.

Spread & Level Sand

Photo | Brock PaverBase

Install Panels

This was probably the easiest step. You can trim the panels to create the right size.

Image result for brock paver base
Photo | Brock PaverBase

Install Pavers

We selected two gray pavers from Lowe’s to create a slight pattern.


Fill Gaps with Polymeric Sand

You could also use regular sand, but we bought the sand that was beside the display.


After a few hours working in the hot Georgia sun, we now have a path. This would have gone faster, but we had to extend an existing drain. I would most certainly consider using this line of products for a larger project. What do you think?


If you missed my post regarding the bed to the left of the path, here’s a closer look.





We made quite a bit of progress this weekend, and I’m really excited to start the raised beds. If you missed my post last week about raised garden beds, click here. Have a fantastic week and be sure to check back here later this week.


A Plan to Garden

Happy Friday! It has been a busy week, and I am looking forward to the weekend. Today is the day that the landscaper, from Pike Nurseries, assesses our yard and completes the drawing. I’m not sure how quickly we will receive the drawing, but I can’t wait to share it will all of you. If you read my previous post regarding some of my landscaping goals, you know that we just haven’t been able to create the right look for our front yard. It slopes in two directions, and the front porch creates some difficulty too. We finally just decided it was time to call for help. I’ll be sharing more details about all of that soon.

Image result for front yard drawing
Picture| Drawn to Garden

In my post about our ‘Yard Goals’, I mentioned that I wanted to install some raised garden beds. Ryan and I recently cleared some property for that purpose. I’m in planning mode right now, and I thought I’d share what’s going on in my head. So I’m not completely sure what all I’d like to grow, but I do know it will include pumpkins and sunflowers. While researching pumpkins, I found some amazing ideas for smaller gardens. I never thought to grow pumpkins vertically, but I’m now pretty positive that’s what I want to do. I haven’t decided whether a trellis or canopy would be better suited for our space. Both look great!

looks like a fairy garden... pretty climbing pumpkins. (Needs a really big garden at some point)
Picture | Fine Craft Guild

Since pumpkins are my priority, I decided to research companion plants. I came across a great website, Burpee. Once on their site, you’ll find a helpful companion planting guide. That led to another website which then led to another….and I ended up finding an awesome garden planner tool. Using square-foot gardening techniques, you can create a raised garden bed layout. Click here for all of the details and to start creating your own layout. I’m pretty sure I’m going to try this since I’m a newbie.

Image result for beautiful raised garden beds

Based on everything I’ve been reading, I’ve got a couple of weeks to decide on plants. Many of the plants I’ve looked at can be planted towards the end of the month. I’m really excited to execute this project. If you have raised garden beds, I’d love to hear from you. What works for you? Any helpful tips? Please share in the comments section below. Also, be sure to check back to learn more about our front yard, the design process, and more.

Image result for beautiful raised garden beds
Picture | Fine Gardening Magazine